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Welcome to the HLR Lookup help pages. Here you'll find all the information you need to get started with our API or batch upload services.
Search the docs for explanations on the results you'll receive and a breakdown of all the possible parameters available.

Save to Shared Cache

Every time you check a number you can decide if you want it added to the Share Cache

The 'Save To Shared' box

If you check this box we'll add your result to the Shared Cache.

This means that if any of our clients that own the same numbers as you and send it to us for a HLR Lookup, and they wish to check the Shared Cache, then we'll give them your result instead of doing a real time lookup.

As a reward we'll give you a quarter of a HLR credit back on your balance.

This not only helps reduce the costs even further for our clients but helps grow our user base. The more numbers checked through our system, the more credits we give back. It's only fair.

You don't have to allow your numbers to go into the shared cache.Just make sure the box isn't ticked when you send us your numbers.