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Welcome to the HLR Lookup help pages. Here you'll find all the information you need to get started with our API or batch upload services.
Search the docs for explanations on the results you'll receive and a breakdown of all the possible parameters available.

Personalise Settings

All the parameters below are located in your account settings.

Credit Alert

You can set your profile to send you an email alert once your credit passed the "credit alert level" you have set.


On the account setting located on the account tab, you will notice a tick box "Credit Alert" once that is ticked that will enable you to give a "Credit Alert Level"
For example if set to 10,000 and you credit hits 9,999 credits you will receive an email alert.

Default Cache

You can set your Personal and Shared cache to a default level on your account settings. This allows you to quickly upload batches without having to remember what cache level you need.

CSV Generation Output

Generating your own CSV output can be done in three easy steps:
1, Select a column
2, Change the name (optional)
3, Add or remove into your column layout

The boxes below will provide which parameters you require in your output file after performing a bulk file upload. These options will be saved and used every time you upload a file. Each column header will be named using the default wording although you can rename each column header as you add the options to your output list.