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Welcome to the HLR Lookup help pages. Here you'll find all the information you need to get started with our API or batch upload services.
Search the docs for explanations on the results you'll receive and a breakdown of all the possible parameters available.

Personal and Shared Cache

For every number you check you can first select to utilise our Personal and Shared Cache features

Personal Cache

All of your previous results are stored in your Personal Cache for 30 days.

If you check a number that you have already checked within the time period you have selected upon loading the number into our system, we will just use that previous result and not charge you for it.

This means you can don't need to de-dupe your files for anything you've previously checked with us as we won't charge you for it a second time.

Utilising this feature does mean that it's possible to receive information on a number that's up to 30 days old. To ensure receive real time results for every single request you make you need to set your Personal Cache level to zero.


You can set your default cache levels in your account settings.

Shared Cache

All of our clients get the option to add their numbers to the Shared Cache.

If you select to utilise this when uploading your numbers and you send us a number that's already been added to the Shared Cache by another client then we'll just use this result and only charge you half a credit.

As with the Personal Cache this can potentially mean you are receiving a result that's not in real time, but we've restricted the time period for storing number in the Shared Cache to be a maximum of 30 days old.

If you need to ensure all of your results are always in real time, ensure your Shared Cache level is set to zero.